#FounderSecrets | Jayne Tarrant, Founder of Medpac
March 7 2019

#FounderSecrects is back! And surely not without more exciting insights to the start-up scene and our favourite entrepreneurs.


Today we would like to introduce Jayne Tarrant, wonder woman and founder of Medpac. She developed the product in 2012 for her daughter, who was suffering from Epilepsy and used to carry her life-saving medication in a makeup bag. Jayne wanted to design something that was a bit more practical and which could be seen in an emergency. So, she came up with Medpac, a bright orange bag which can also a photo and contact details, to make it easy to find in an emergency situation. It’s ideal for carrying medication for everyone, anywhere and any age.


Difficulties and challenges


As Jayne already ran a business, she was aware of most of the aspects of setting up a company. However, for this particular business, it was difficult finding a manufacturer that could create a good quality product that would also be affordable. This was the biggest challenge for Jayne when she started Medpac.


“Nothing is an overnight success”, is what Jayne wished she had known before her journey as a founder. “You come up with a personal idea that you can see the benefit in and you just assume that everyone will think it’s marvellous and you will become a millionaire overnight. It’s a long journey!”


Learnings, successes and favourite moments


Since her start, patience is the most important thing she has learned. Not just because the business does not fly overnight and become a success, but also as you have to be patient with clients and customers. Every level of running a business requires patience; no matter if it’s getting the funding together or getting the marketing straight.


With Medpac, Jayne feels lucky to have won two awards. One in 2015 for the ‘Best Product for Primary Teachers’ and in 2016 for the ‘Best Product for Preschools’. That was really rewarding and made her very proud as it was judged by the people that actually use the product every day.


Next steps and future plans


What Jayne would ideally like to do, is break into the US market. Other than in the UK, people in America have to pay for their own medication which provides the potential for a huge market there. Although Medpac does distribute to other parts of the world, it doesn’t yet distribute to the US, which is the next challenge for Jayne!


In the future, Jayne hopes to “still find [herself] surrounded by bright orange bags. Bags that can help save a life!  The dream is to develop products additionally to Medpac, which will always be the core product, that work alongside it and help people in the target market. Jayne’s got some exciting things in the pipeline!


A piece of advice


“It comes back to the word patience! It does take time but it’s worth the wait. I’ve been lucky to have people around that have always been patient with me”.


Finally, the best part about her business is, that her daughter is really proud of the product and uses it every day. That’s the best message for Jayne!


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