Get your app noticed with our starter SEO checklist
April 27 2018

Marketing is the real key to making your app a success. No matter how good your product is it will never take off if nobody knows it exists. Most new entrepreneurs, however, come from a business or tech background and aren't well-acquainted with the secrets of a good marketing recipe.


Fortunately, we are. Here at Studio Graphene, we encourage our clients to think about their marketing and SEO considerations early in the planning stage of their app. When it comes to keywords, the earlier you know what you're going to be targeting, the easier it will be to focus all your marketing collateral down to your short tails.


There are two main areas to think about when putting together your SEO strategy: the app itself and its associated website. Make sure you create continuity between these two aspects whilst also taking into account the requirements of their respective platforms.


Here's our basic starter checklist of things to consider for each platform:


Your website


  • Page titles - Make sure your page titles are succinct, but describe your key proposition and include your brand name
  • Meta descriptions - check out MOZ's great article on how to get these right
  • Clean URLs - user-friendly URLs are great for both humans and search engines
  • Google Analytics set up - you'll need to track your traffic if you want to optimise
  • Facebook tracking pixels - essential for targeting activities on social media
  • Onpage content - make sure your h1 and h2 tags capture your short-tail keywords, and that there’s clear brand continuity and calls to download!


Your app


  • App Store Content plan - make sure your app name and description are in line with SEO considerations (app store SEO has its own whole sector - ASO)
  • App set up in Facebook - don't forget to build a Facebook page for your app!
  • App promo video - apps supported by videos get much more attention than those without
  • Launch Marketing Plan - a smart distribution plan is essential; make sure you consider paid media, influencer outreach and digital PR


This is a great start, but as we said, it's really just the basics. Get in touch with us here at the Studio to learn more about how to market your app effectively; we’d love to take you out for coffee.

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