How To Hire the Perfect Team
July 13 2017
How to hire the perfect team

The people working in your business are your most valuable asset. Great teams make great work, and great work builds powerful, prosperous and game-changing businesses. With a talented team working towards a united vision for your product, you'll achieve great things in the world of entrepreneurship.

However, hiring can be a bit of a minefield, especially for new business owners with limited experience. If you hire the wrong person, it can cost you a lot of time and money. Moreover, you've lost the opportunity to bring some real talent into the team.

Let's talk through 4 key strategies to finding the best talent in your industry.

Define your organization's values



However, most hiring managers don't have a formal idea of what 'cultural fit' really means to them, relying more on instinct to assess candidates. We can do better!

Revisit the business values that you created in our post about branding - you should have three key values that help you to guide your business decisions. For example:


1. Family is everything

2. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

3. Kindness can change the world


Now, think carefully about how these values could translate into personal characteristics. Write a short description which will serve as a basis for the traits you look for in a new hire, e.g.


1. Candidates are sociable and loyal to their company and co-workers. They are keen to work as part of a team and to take part in social events and activities.

2. Candidates enjoy distilling complex processes into simple, streamlined workflows. They are efficient, organized and methodical in their approach to work.

3. Candidates should be team players, with a service-oriented mindset.


With these descriptions in hand, you can start to build interview questions that help you test for a true cultural fit.


Look to great work by other companies



In order to define success, we're going to have look to other great companies and their work in order to discover what can be achieved.

For example, if you're looking to hire a new graphic designer, find a company with a style that you like and reach out to their team members on Linkedin. Most will be pleased to hear that you loved their work, and will be able to give you clues to finding candidates of a similar level. You may even be able to persuade them over to your team with a unique job offer.


Spend time on a stringent interview and testing process



Many of them have long and difficult recruitment processes that push candidates to their limits. Conversely, average companies tend to stick to one or two interviews before deciding on a candidate. We definitely want to belong to the first camp.


Dedicate some serious time to building a formal interview and testing process. You'll want to get a good assessment of the quality of candidates' previous work, as well as test their ability to meet the unique challenges of your business. Written assessments, group exercises, and one-to-one interviews are all great techniques for finding the best candidates. And of course, don't forget to spend time assessing cultural fit.


Pick only the best


When you finally shake hands with your new co-worker, you should be excited to work alongside them and eager to see what value they can bring to the company. If you ever feel like you're picking 'the best of a bad bunch', simply don't hire them. Throw out all your candidates and start again from scratch.



You're looking to build a mutually-beneficial partnership that will last for years. Moreover, ill-fitting candidates can be difficult to get rid of and expensive to keep. Be 100% sure that a candidate is the right person for the job before you hire them.


That's it! Check in next month for some more advice on managing your business finances or drop us a line if you have any question!

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