How to not f**k up your startup: a Studio Graphene x Huckletree event series
June 19 2018

Starting a business is tough. Making that business a success is even tougher.


This isn’t groundbreaking news.


What is groundbreaking is the incredible network of consultants, advisors, mentors and agencies who have now made it their life’s work to support, inspire and coach the next generation of startup founders, business owners and side-hustlers. Needless to say, we’re very much a part of that network.


This Summer, we’re bringing a series of five events to Huckletree Shoreditch, all aimed at those in the early stages of their business (or those considering making the leap!) We’ve roped in some of the most brilliant people we know to speak on everything from the realities of being a founder,  choosing the best delivery method for your startup, how to get yourself in shape for investment, how to get your product to market and what mistakes you absolutely, definitely SHOULD NOT MAKE.


Following each speaker session, we’re also offering ourselves out to the masses! If you’d like some one on one time with one of our speakers (or their equally brilliant colleagues) to discuss your specific business, email us in advance of the event at with a brief overview of who or what you’d like to discuss, and we’ll get you booked in.


Whilst the events are designed as a series, they will also work as standalone sessions. 


And the most important part? There will be beer!


Full details for each event can be found at the Eventbrite links below.


Look forward to seeing you!




Wed 18th July: Refining your Idea, with Studio Graphene and Twistar founder Nick Marshall

Wed 25th July: Choosing a Delivery Method, with Studio Graphene

Wed 1st August: Raising Start Up Funds, with Studio Graphene and CommonRoom Ventures

Wed 8th August: Nailing Start Up Marketing, with Studio Graphene and City Road Communications

Wed 15th August: Common Mistakes and how to avoid them, with Studio Graphene

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