September 14 2018

Dear Readers 


Today is my last day. This time next week I will be back in Bristol, trying to stay awake as an old man explains quantitative easing to an audience of hungover teenagers. This dynamic tech startup will feel like a distant memory. But before I

leave I have a new skill to master, shuffleboard. 


This week the projects I’ve been working on have come on leaps and bounds. The high fidelity frames for ‘Weyn’ were produced and presented to the client. Weyn is a social media app that enables users to introduce mutual friends, and see

which of your friends are in the same city. This app will enter the market at a time when more people than ever before are living away from their place of birth. By connecting people across the world ‘Weyn’ will deliver users that joyful incident

of seeing a familiar face far from home. 


I have submitted my design requests to Eloy and Maria for Startups magazine. This was a unique position I found myself in. I was the one defining the work that needed to be completed and getting others to do it. The authoritative position

was surprisingly testing, as I learnt how to communicate my ideas effectively. I can now sympathise more with Jose Mourinho, although the brilliant work of Eloy and Maria should stop me falling flat on my face (video here).


If you’ve followed this blog from the first week your loyalty is commendable, but you’ll need to find a new hobby. This is my final entry of the series. I would love to share more with you, but I’ve got shuffleboard to play.


I won’t catch you next week :(



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