The Intern Diaries - Ben | Week One
August 17 2018

Dear Reader,


I’ve been thrown in the deep end, but I’m learning to swim.


In my first week at Studio Graphene I’ve worked on a social media app, a furniture rental company, a fuel trading marketplace and a print magazine; as an Economics student I’m well outside my comfort zone of interest rates. I’ve definitely come across my fair share of challenges so far but my mentor Tom is always on hand with a scribbly diagram to explain the situation.


The team have been extremely welcoming, I definitely don’t feel like ‘the intern’.  Every excuse to celebrate is grasped with both hands and usually some cutlery, Product Manager Deepak’s birthday was no exception as we went out for a team lunch, and then had far too much chocolate cake. Lunchtime discussions are always lively and amusing. Movies and TV have been a hot topic so far, and my preference for British sitcoms over their American counterparts has proved somewhat controversial.


The Studio Graphene event was my favourite part of the week (helped in no small part by the beer and pizza). The event was on the subject of common mistakes that startups make, and - more importantly - how to avoid them. Reassuringly (or not), I learnt that most problems are not unique to startups. Quality communication, establishing achievable targets and clarifying responsibilities are just as important to a bespoke cat furniture company as they are to the Australian government.


Catch you next week,



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