August 24 2018

Dear Readers,


This week I was tasked with searching the internet for porn … statistics. Did you know the world's most visited porn website uploaded 68 years worth of footage last year? 68 years is also the average life expectancy of males, (curious).  


Why was I googling this? Whilst the internet has brought about innumerable positive changes to the world, it's also made adult content extremely easy to access with no safeguarding in place for children and young adults. 


I was shocked to discover that in one survey 7% of teenagers admitted they got their first glimpse of online porn before the age of eight and 53% of 11-16 year-olds have seen explicit material online at some stage.


In 2017, the UK government created the Digital Economy Act, aiming to protect children online, which will be enforced later this year. AVSecure, a client of ours, is creating a secure age verification service to meet the government's legislation and I was tasked with market research. I tried to convince myself this research was beneficial and was contributing to helping protect children online, but I couldn't escape from the fact I was repeatedly entering the word 'porn' into Google, on a gigantic monitor, in a busy office.


Away from the world of pornography, I have been working on the Startups Magazine project. In a meeting with the client, Daisy, we discussed the layout and functionalities of their online publication and I presented the work I had done so far on the project.


This was the first time in my life I had presented to a client, so was quite nervous to begin. Thankfully Daisy was affable and seemed very pleased with the work. I also met with Joe from a company called Online Fuels (a marketplace for oil-based products), and also a Huckletree member, regarding their new website. Like me, Joe is still at University, although I'm pretty sure I'm still the youngest in the office :confused:. Next week I will be interviewing a selection of their customers about their prior experience with Online Fuels, these customers are some of the largest fuel distributors in the UK (better turn my Oprah on).


Tom is constantly recommending books 'I have to read', so I started one of his favourites this week 'Scrum' , the name references the set-play in rugby (a sport I've played since the age of five and thus resonated with me strongly ). The topic of this book is; presenting an effective management strategy. The crux of the strategy being; splitting substantial projects into many 'sprints'. 


Sprints are tasks which can be completed by a small team in a matter of weeks or days). Studio Graphene is an operating example of the benefits of adopting the Scrum management strategies. We work with companies and startups from a vast array of industries, but the individual tasks have many similarities, making certain procedures widely applicable. 


The work thus far has struck a perfect balance between familiarity and novelty. I've experienced the satisfaction of progression - implementing skills I've acquired on previous projects - whilst the variety of work maintains my buzz of anticipation to get me out of bed and into the office every morning.


Catch you next week,



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