The Intern Diaries - Final Week
August 3 2018

Dear Diary,


Last week, last day, last blog entry of The Intern Diaries - and where do I even start?


I was thinking about this final blog post the whole week, debating which topic to choose and what to write (the pressure is real!)


The truth is - I am very bad with goodbyes and often can’t find the right things to say.

However, before leaving you with some “final words”, I will do what I’ve done every Friday over the last two months - summarise the past week as a part of the Studio Graphene family.


Can‘t say the last few days have been any less exciting!


The highlight of this week was the third event of our series on Wednesday evening at Huckletree Shoreditch. Part of the crew were awesome Dan and Josh from CommonRoom Ventures who talked about how to raise funds for your start-up.


Christine nailed it as moderator on stage and I tried to keep everyone happy with beer and pizza. We had some great people coming in and interesting conversations (within and outside the investment topic).


One of the attendees asked me, what we take out of these events and from my perspective, it is a lot! Firstly, it is a learning process in view on the layout and finding the best concept for future events. However, the primary focus is to provide a setting to meet people with all kind of backgrounds, stories and ambitions. The goal is to give everyone the chance to talk about their ideas, give tips and guidance, exchange experiences and open doors for new opportunities. It’s about supporting each other!


Over last few days, I started writing down what I have learned during my time here –

and damn the list is long!


In my last blog posts, I already talked about some of the things Christine taught me from a marketing perspective, but it goes much further into the attitude towards work and how to approach things.

This was also something we discussed in our “final meeting”. I first sat down with Ritam and then with Christine, to get feedback on my performance and time at Studio Graphene. During these chats, both of them asked me if I have any feedback for them or things I would do differently. And this is something I want to highlight as one of the things that impressed me the most t Studio Graphene! It is giving every team member the room for growth and improvement, regardless of your role or position. This working environment empowers everyone in the team to always give their best, be bold and stay curious!


And this leads me to what I actually intended to say with my last post…


THANK YOU! For two amazing months. (I know it might sound like a short time but it definitely feels like I’ve known everyone much longer.)


Thank you for teaching and mentoring me

Thank you for opening new doors for me

Thank you for trusting and empowering me

Thank you for being hilarious and making every day at work fun

Thank you for being some of the nicest people I’ve met

Thank you for the love to food and weekly team lunch

Thank you to everyone on the team for letting me be part of the Studio Graphene family!


Not to forget! Thank you to you, to everyone who read my posts over the last weeks.

(Especially my family - I know you guys were always the first ones to read them)


Before, it’s getting to cheesy and making everyone super sad - don’t worry, I’ll be back!

See you next Wednesday for the fourth event at Huckletree Shoreditch all around .. Marketing - woohoo!


Adiós, Tchau, Au revoir, See you, Auf Wiedersehen!


*Mic drop*


(Btw, we are out for our team building summer event + leaving drinks this afternoon, so no ones in the office. Byeee!)


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