The Intern Diaries - Week Eight
July 27 2018

Dear Diary,


We’re on eight out of nine... - Yes, this means that next week will be my last at Studio Graphene – boohoo!

But to not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a step back and review the week that was.


Since we decided to change the setting for our event series to “evening + beer”, we hosted our second event this Wednesday after working hours. The topic of this week’s session revolved around building your product and how to find the “right” delivery method - and partner!


One of the questions raised during the conversation was what Studio Graphene’s  project process is. This was a question that stuck in my mind because the truth is something that arguably differentiates us to other agencies - there really is no fixed process.


Ritam and Tom summarised it for our guests accordingly: “ Whilst we don‘t have a process that is set in stone,  we have certain principles and morals we follow and that we don‘t go back on.”

We believe that being flexible, agile and innovative allows us to build products undeniably tailored to the needs of our clients - and contributes to our team’s success.


And on Thursday... I learned more very useful stuff!


Christine walked me through how to write a great product specification. In a nutshell, I learnt that a specification is essentially a guide to how every aspect of a product should ultimately work. In this case, we looked at the website of one of our clients and detailed, well... everything!


Starting with the very top and the navigation working through to the footer on the very ‘last’ page of the website, you have to explain each and every function you expect there to be.


This can include, for example:

  • All buttons and links on every page: “This button should link to …”
  • Visual assets: “This image should be an animated GIF…”
  • And aaallll the other things that every user just expects to work and would never think of how much blood and sweat goes in to it (just like me - until yesterday!)


The most important aspect I have learned about writing a document like this is to include as much information as you can - it saves you time and energy in the long run. You might think that clicking a button and being directed to the appropriate site page is common sense. However, it often isn’t, which forces you to specify again and again and again. If you have to go through this process during the build phase of your product, the whole back and forth might result in you becoming frustrated at your developers, but in the end you are mostly angry with yourself for not explaining all the details in the first place.


So, for time and harmony’s sake - specify everything you can possibly think of!


Until next time…




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