The Intern Diaries - Week Five
July 6 2018

Dear Diary,


It's Friday again, I can't believe it!


This week really flew by (even without attending any events).


To be honest, for a second I found myself wondering what to talk to you about this week. I then realised that I haven’t actually written anything about what I'm really doing at Studio Graphene (besides writing blog posts on Fridays and spending lunch breaks on the roof, of course).


So here we go... Since I have this nice Summer break within my Masters year, Studio Graphene offered me the amazing opportunity to get some hands-on, real life experience in an actual, operating agency. Learning all this marketing theory at university is interesting but it is no secret that actual knowledge comes with experience. 


This week especially I feel like I've learned a lot about the more technical digital side of things and more facets of what marketers deal with. To help round up what I've learned so fair, I thought I'd compile a brief introduction into the world of marketing a la Studio Graphene and tips I've personally found very useful.


The most important piece of wisdom and a great starting point for everyone is: Know what you don’t know! There is no shame in not being an expert in each and every field but there is nothing worse than not having a clue and pretending that you do. As soon as you accept this fact and face your problem, life gets a lot easier and you can turn to people who can help you.


We work with a lot of different businesses from various fields and the first step with every client is almost always the same – scanning their digital existence. With a Marketing Audit, an outline of the website and social media activities, it is much easier to explain step by step what is great already....and what could be improved. 


From that point on, we guide clients through the jungle of SEO, Social Media and AdWords and the numerous other aspects that can be focused on. Website architecture, the quality and timing of content, presence on other websites, choice of social media platforms, frequency of postings... The list goes on!


No matter what you decide to do in terms of actual activity, there are two golden rules. Plan your time, and commit to yourself! Even if you just commit to thirty minutes every morning you can work your way through your company's ecosystem - scheduling the day's Social posts, writing or uploading blog posts, or building on your inbound link profile. Committing to small but regular chunks of time will lead to tangible results before you know it. (Or of course if you really don't have the time, you call in the big us!)


Catch up next week,





P.S. Oh! I lied - we did have an event. On Saturday 30th June our Founder Ritam got married to the awesome Ayesha, and we spent the day swishing around Holland Park in our finery. Certainly not what I was expecting to do on an internship! Congratulations to you both!

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