The Intern Diaries - Week Four
June 29 2018

Dear Diary,


Have you ever had a bad burger moment in your life? Oh and no, I am not talking about desperately needing the toilet after eating fast food.

Let me take you back a step and explain what this is all about.


Christine and I attended a BIMA Breakfast Event this week at The Club at The Ivy (very fancy place!). 


The topic of this Tuesdays session was "Humans Behaving Badly", and it covered consumer behaviour, advertising and marketing campaigns, presented by some of the awesome team from LAB.


Teodora Miscov started off, talking about how a burger changed Robert Downey Jr.'s life and how every human needs more of these "bad burger moments" to make a change. Intrigued? - Click here to find out more.


Next, we got a rapid fire history lesson on the evolution of the human race and how it all started with one guy planting a seed and kicking off the whole mass reproduction process. The main message of LAB founder Jonny Toozes’ talk though, was that the successful brands of the future are those that care about human beings (or, at least, seem to). To make better decisions it is not only to necessary to understand humans but really identify with customers and recognise the unconscious cognitive biases that drive them.


Daryll Scott went deeper into psychology, explaining that no decision is made without emotions and deciding subconsciously does not mean that the outcome is stupid. Especially fun and interesting was finding out more about how people make the same decisions for different reasons. Therefore, we did the Monkey – Lion – Dog test, to find out which characteristics drive our choices. Find out which animal you are!


Last but not least was Adrian Webb, Director at GoCompare , who talked about insurance marketing and the 'stickiness' of a great jingle. (Not at all as boring as it might sound to you!) 


Having studied a lot about consumer behaviour last semester, these talks were super useful  for me.


We spent the rest of this sunny week in (on top of) our office at Huckletree Shoreditch. Christine let me in on the secrets of the perfect Marketing Audit and we met with the Signalong Charity to discuss more details regarding their very cool App which will soon launch.


My highlight of the week was definitely our team lunch on the roof of the Alphabeta Building, where we had an amazing view paired with great food and a cold beer - can it get any better?


Two fun facts for you to share over the weekend:

  • Our DNA matches 60% the DNA of a Banana
  • Anatidaephobia is the fear of there being a duck or a goose somewhere, watching you


That's all for now!


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