The Intern Diaries - Week Two
June 15 2018

Dear Diary,


Woohoo - what a week!


Over the last few days I had the honour to be part of London’s TechXLR8 event as part of London Tech Week and to present Studio Graphene at our amazing stand. 


But first things first - it all started off Monday afternoon with probably a thousand boxes of flyers, brochures and tote bags, stuffed into an Uber heading towards the ExCel. To see the exhibition space come to life that afternoon was not only exciting but gave a glimpse of what the rest of the week would be like - busy, busy, busy!


Besides keeping everyone updated on Studio Graphene's Social accounts, I met a lot of great people, had interesting chats and learned about mind blowing projects. 


The highlight for our team was managing, designing and developing an iOS app for the winners of our #BuildMyApp competition. We were lucky to have Tracy from Signalong come and visit the stand and explain more about the story behind their charity. So far, they provide training workshops and resource material to teach people how to use signs in order to support children and adults with communication difficulties. With the app we designed, it will be possible to take a picture of an object, receive suggestions of what this object is and then guidance on how to sign them. Thinking about how our work can help many children and adults with special needs feel more comfortable and confident communicating still gives me goose bumps and makes work even better.


Beside TechXLR8, I heard our Founder Ritam, talk at Birkbeck, University of London on Thursday night as part of their UpSkill:Tech programme. Since I am still quite new to all that Tech ‘stuff’, it was very interesting to learn more about IoT and the possibilities it holds for all kind of start-ups, sectors and industries you would not necessarily think of.


And then, to round off the week we got to speak to a member of the #FreeMorgan community, and do a one on one pro bono Social Media workshop to help them get their incredible message to more people.


You think it can't get any better? Don’t be fooled, next week won’t be any less exciting! I'm looking forward to two (more!) events and I've been told that on Wednesday there'll be free pizza...

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