Meet the team: Digital Product Manager Deepak
January 18 2018

Hi! Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Deepak Mehmi, I’m a Digital Product Manager and avid Pun Enthusiast at Studio Graphene.


How did you get here?

I was an Account Manager for another digital agency before joining Studio Graphene, but I actually studied Computer Science at university so I have a background in tech/development.


How do you find that translates into your role at Studio Graphene? 

I think my background compliments my role now very well! My development background made it easier for me to get involved with the tech side of the role and my agency experience allowed me fit into the business side. Win win!


How is Studio Graphene different from other agencies you’ve worked with / for?

To be honest it’s completely different. It’s an awesome company with a great cultural fit amongst the team. Plus I've lost count on the amount of cool projects I've worked on in my first year here.


What’s the most exciting piece of kit / software / design thinking you’ve discovered recently?

At the end of 2017 I worked on an AR Christmas app and we used Apple's own AR Kit to develop the application - it was amazing how easy it was to integrate the kit and start our own application. We went from ideation to launch in less than four weeks!


What do you think the ‘next big thing’ in tech is going to be?

We're all big enthusiasts of IoT here at the Studio, and we’ve a wide range of case studies and experience to go with it. We still think the data collected in the growing number of IoT devices can be used in so many cool ways.


How worried are you about the rise of the machines?

As long as John Connor's still alive I'm not so worried.


What's your spirit animal?

Ha! I got Tiger - In the kingdom of spirit animals, the tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself.

I'm quite happy with Tiger, was expecting a sloth or any other lazy kind of animal


What does your failsafe playlist contain?

What a huge question. A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin’ Out. I play this when I report bugs during the development process.

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