Meet the team: Digital Product Manager Jonathan
January 18 2019

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jonathan, and I’ve joined Studio Graphene as a Digital Product Manager in January this year.


How did you get here?

I relocated to London around 18 months ago from Warrington. In my prior job, I used to be a tech recruiter before deciding that I want  to build a more fulfilling career as a Product Manager. So, I retrained at Product School and for the last 6 months I worked at a great startup called GroHappy.


How do you find that translates into your role at Studio Graphene?

Working at GroHappy gave me the opportunity to learn quickly. It was a fast paced environment where  I got exposed to lots of different areas. I enjoyed working with technical and non technical colleagues and I’m sure it will be the same at Studio Graphene. Having built a platform from scratch, I’m confident I can help other startups like GroHappy translate their ideas into quality products.


How is Studio Graphene different from other agencies you’ve worked with / for?

I’ve recently been working on a single SaaS platform. Working with lots of different startups and products will be a challenge, but really exciting and that’s what attracted me to the role.


What’s the most exciting piece of kit / software / design thinking you’ve discovered recently?

I wouldn’t say most exciting but the product that has helped me most over the last 6 months was Loom. Working with an overseas engineering team can be challenging but Loom made my life and the engineers lives so much easier. 100% recommended!


What do you think the ‘next big thing’ in tech is going to be?

Parcel delivery drones. As we are all becoming more aware of the damage we’re doing to the planet and the demand for good to be delivered as quickly as possible. Parcel delivery drones could reduce the pollution & traffic in the cities. I just hope they don’t go near any airports :)


How worried are you about the rise of the machines? 

Not that worried really. Certain industries will be affected more than others but I think it’s exciting more than worrying.


What's your spirit animal?

According to the website, it’s a deer!

To be honest, I didn’t think the quiz would say a deer. Although, the first time I ever went skiing I was like Bambi!


What does your failsafe playlist contain?

House and disco music from various Dj’s & Oasis


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