Meet the team: Front End Engineer Saurabh
February 22 2019

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Saurabh Sharma and I work as a Software Engineer - Front End Engineer at Studio Graphene. I stay busy experimenting with designs and aesthetics most of the time :)


How did you get here?

I worked as a freelancer in the past, co-founded and headed my own startups, experimented with various technology domains and ended up as a front end engineer and my experience brought me here :)


How do you find that translates into your role at Studio Graphene?

There are many ways to do the job. Constantly trying to figure out the smartest ways to achieve the task and translating the awesome designs into great looking products is really just a wow thing. Learning is just never ending!


How is Studio Graphene different from other agencies you’ve worked with / for?

The best part is the awesome people! We don’t just work for the sake of doing it - we enjoy working! Another thing is that we start the project from an idea and transform that into a wow looking product, so wow that no one can stop eyeballing it :D


What’s the most exciting piece of kit/software/design thinking you’ve discovered recently?

I recently installed an app called ‘Unfold’. It provides a toolkit for storytellers that you can use to craft amazing stories with minimal and elegant templates.


What do you think the ‘next big thing’ in tech is going to be?

Driverless cars I think!! That would be the best thing ever.


How worried are you about the rise of the machines?

Till the time John Connor is here to save us all, no worries :D


What's your spirit animal?

According to it’s the tiger. That makes me feel strong, so no need for the gym anymore!


What does your failsafe playlist contain?

Linkin Park mostly, and few from the latest hits.


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