Meet the team: iOS Developer Gurmandeep
February 22 2019

Who are you and what do you do?

Well, I'm Gurmandeep Singh, nicknamed Deep. I'm an IOS application developer which means if you have a cool mobile app idea I’m the right person to talk to!.


How did you get here?

I was working with an organisation in Gurgaon, managing the mobile application team when I first got in contact with Studio Graphene. Ritam’s work ideology was exactly what I was looking for and Ritam himself is a great inspiration for the whole team. The interview with him, was more of a casual meeting and within 30 days I was on board and working for the organisation.


How do you find that translates into your role at Studio Graphene?

My experience is definitely come in handy but it is really amazing, how every project has something new, so the the learning curve is steep and exciting!


How is Studio Graphene different from other agencies you’ve worked with / for?

It is like being in the best organisation! The people, work culture and the whole atmosphere is awesome and makes the organisation special


What’s the most exciting piece of kit/software/design thinking you’ve discovered recently?

Last year I worked on a project called 'Deliver Tree' where we built an app using AR (Augmented Reality). Up to today, that is the coolest piece of tech I’ve worked on.  Apart from that, I love the colour schemes and animations by our design team.


What do you think the ‘next big thing’ in tech is going to be?

Mobile apps for sure but also AI/AR and robots.


How worried are you about the rise of the machines?

Not at all! I am really excited to work with any upcoming technology such as AI or AR. It can change the world in many ways but yes if AI becomes self-sustained, it could raise hell for humankind. So it definitely has to be kept under control!


What's your spirit animal?

Well, I took the quiz, which revealed that my spirit animal is the tiger.


What does your failsafe playlist contain?

Punjabi/English mix - ranging from 'High End' by Diljit Dosanjh to 'Numb' by Linkin Park or ‘Treat you better’ by Shawn Mendes


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