Dear Readers,

Empty chairs and black screens. Ritam, Maria and Eloy all left for India this week. Meaning I was left with the product managers, but there was still plenty to be done.

First up was planning and running user interviews for the Online Fuels project that I’m working on. These went really well and I was surprised to learn how unsophisticated most of the UK’s fuel distribution network is. The fuel industry is often perceived as being close to the forefront of new technologies, with companies such as BP use Seismic Imaging Technology to generate 3D images of the earth’s crust. Despite this, there is currently no definitive online marketplace to view bulk fuel prices and make purchases.

Online Fuels is a marketplace where companies like Shell can sell fuel in bulk to smaller distributors like Tate Oil

The buyers we interviewed described their working days as a series of hasty phone calls made in an attempt to find the lowest fuel prices. I envisaged their offices looking something like the set of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, though probably without the 80’s suits and goldfish. Hopefully, Online Fuels will be the company to introduce an efficient online marketplace to a sector in desperate need of modernising.

Throughout my internship, I have worked mostly with startups, so I was excited to hear I would be part of a meeting with the Tata group. Tata is a multinational conglomerate and has annual revenues that exceed $100bn USD. In this meeting, we discussed utilising the location information sent from Tata vehicles in logistical management and marketing.

I was also introduced to a geocoding application called ‘What 3 Words’. The application assigns three random words to every 3x3 metre area of the world, in turn providing simple and accurate addressing, that will never become outdated. It is currently being introduced in the new Mercedes Benz navigation systems and by Glastonbury festival.

The three-word address of the Studio Graphene office is: ‘aside.finely.wicked’, meaning ‘out of the a very skilled manner.playfully mischievous’. The words are randomly generated but I can certainly make some associations between these words and our work.

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