Trying to write the first words of this entry has been far more challenging than I’d like to admit, so just to trip everyone out, I decided to use the first sentence to talk about how hard it was to write the first sentence :) As you can probably already tell, I’m not much of a blogger so if anyone besides my gran is actually reading this, firstly, I thank you for your faith that this might be an interesting read and secondly, bear with me. Anyway, now I’ve got my Rex Orange County playing and I’m ready to give it my best shot. 

I’m Rachael, I am going to be interning with the marketing team until the end of November, helping them out in any way I can whilst working in the coolest work place I’ve ever laid eyes on. Granted I’m only 18 and I haven’t exactly seen a plethora of offices but I still feel like it’s up there. When I arrived on Wednesday it’s safe to say I was completely bricking it. But I quickly felt as much at ease as I could have on my first day at work thanks to everyone being super friendly. When it hit 6 o’clock, as far as my first day was concerned, I felt it had gone down pretty seamlessly having even completed a few of my own tasks (!!). That was until I tried to find my way out of the building, evidently the hardest task of all. I hadn’t been given my own pass by that stage, which to be fair, if I had gone the right way, I didn’t actually need. Yet, my three brain cells must have let me down because there I was, stuck between two doors, two locked doors. I won’t bore you with the details but it involved Slacking Christine and Jess SOS but eventually having to pretend I was in Crystal Maze just to use a bit of common sense :) 

Although I haven’t even had a full week here, it’s safe to say I’m already loving it - and not just because of the large amounts of free food that I’ve been given in a mere 48 hours. But because I can already tell this would be an incredible place to work permanently for about a million reasons that hopefully in the coming weeks I can attempt to put into words. So to sum up -  I don’t like writing a diary (yet!), I like food, I would do really badly on Crystal Maze and SG is awesome. 

Catch you next week for some more horribly mediocre blog writing!

(Bye Gran)