Hi there! 

Just a little update from me after my first full week! *gasp*

I can finally let you in on some of the tasks I’ve been doing each day (I know everyone has been dying to find out). Monday kicked off with me drafting some social posts for Pall Mall Estates and in the afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting in on Christine, Jess and Paul’s marketing presentation to the product managers. I learnt things!! The next few days I did some similar tasks, drafting more posts for social channels, and listening in on any meetings or calls I could. I also tagged along to the yoga sesh on Wednesday morning which I loved a lot but I did receive confirmation that a side plank is just not something I am ever going to be able to do. Shame. But I will definitely be going again next time and just quietly sit out the deadly side plank.

Yet - soon a break from what had become a bit of routine for me came along. On Thursday afternoon, it was time for us to go and set up for TechDay! Christine, Jess and I (with a little help from Conor) grabbed all the boxes and one very heavy TV and headed down to Old Billingsgate. The set up went down almost seamlessly… and by that I mean our section looked fantastic (one could argue the best in the room 😉) but this didn’t happen without a few mishaps. Our banner was tragically ripped in a dramatic drop by Jess, but with a bit of masking tape we managed to pull through that problem. The next hiccup was well and truly my fault. I used that very heavy TV to scratch some paint off a freshly painted wall. Only to draw the attention of the head of TechDay to politely instruct us to be more careful. However said Head also happened to mention the possibility of a partnership with Studio Graphene to help with designs for the conference in future years. Sooooo I guess this week my three brain cells actually really outdid themselves? Whether it was intentional or not, who cares!

When it came to the real deal (actual TechDay) I’ve gotta say, I was actually a bit nervous. Just because I had only been working at Studio Graphene for a week and was daunted by the idea of someone walking up to me and asking me a really techy question. But I quickly got used to my answers for things and also the inevitable “oh you should speak to Jess, she knows all about that!”. It ended up being a really fun day with the majority of our time dedicated to networking - obviously because we’re professionals - as well as a few rounds of Jess and I walking up and politely asking people to give us their food. Overall, a success! 

TechDay can also be blamed for my intern diary not being written by the end of the week, so to all my numerous readers, apologies for that. 

Catch you next week for another riveting read!