Yoo hoo big halloween blow out

Well, kind of, we actually went to a lecture on Halloween but more on that later. Due to my tardiness on last week’s entry it feels like my last update was about two minutes ago. But of course with life at Studio Graphene I have things to fill you in on nonetheless. 

One fun development this week has been the discovery that I need glasses - yay. Ever since I started here a couple of weeks ago it became apparent that I couldn’t actually read what was on the screens I was staring at all day. So naturally I thought to myself, I think you might have a problem here rach. Next thing I knew I was going in for what was quite a traumatic eye exam in which I found out I have several issues with my eyes - double yay. But it started looking up when my fellow four-eyed marketing friends told me where to buy some glasses and sent me on way. So crisis averted on that one I’m just being dramatic, got myself some specs and I’m good as new. 

Team lunch this week was also a fun time for me (no sarcasm this time) as we all agreed on ordering some GBK. I volunteered to get it organised as everyone has much more important things to be getting on with, like I’ve mentioned before - professionals. I’m happy to say everyone actually got their food, much to my own surprise if I’m honest. The problems arose about half an hour later when we’d eaten so much that the world just seemed like one big blob. Oh well, it was delicious, so we move on. 

As for fright night, Christine, Jess and I found ourselves heading to Birkbeck Uni because some of the students were lucky enough to have the Christine Brewis give them a talk. She told us she was nervous but I’m still not convinced because she certainly didn’t seem it. In a very Christine manner, she just got on with it and ended up smashing it (you go glen coco you go 👸). The trip home was interesting because I felt like I was in a nightmare with every second person having blood on their faces and weird contacts in. But as you may have guessed, I made it home alive. 

That’s it from me, hope everyone had a fang-tastic week (apologies I just absolutely had to).