Hi there, me again.

Since I started my first intern diaries by telling you I had my Rex Orange County on to try and motivate me, I thought you would enjoy the thought of me listening to a playlist called ‘Swagger’ on Spotify to help me on my way for this week :). Anyway, as per usual, this has been a week packed full of everything and anything. That’s a lie, obviously not anything because this is my job - but lots of fun things!!

Something that made me realise I really do have a job was when I was allowed to tag along to a big girl meeting. On Wednesday afternoon we travelled all of about 200 metres to a WeWork office to have a meeting with the founders of WhatWeWant. Of course, I didn’t open my mouth at all, I just sat and watched all the business happen but I was just happy to be there. Things like that are teaching me so much already and who doesn’t love learning? 

After the fancy meeting, Christine, Jess and I headed to a spin class! This is a part of their regular Wednesday routine but for me = big deal. I can safely say the experience was absolutely mad and I’ve truly never been to anything quite like it. There were flashing lights, blasting music and a whole load of sweat - but I loved it! It was exercise... but it was fun... which sounds (and I speak only on behalf of myself here) like something that simply just isn’t possible. Yet, Alison from Another Space has only gone and pulled it off and we should all give her credit where credit is due. 

On Thursday, something really brilliant happened - I got my sight back! That’s right, I finally got me some glasses 🤓 The whole experience was just hilarious because we decided it would be a good idea if I scooted down to pick them up. Which, to be fair, it was but I had people outright laughing at me because I just looked like a small child scooting around (I look VERY young for my age). Oh well, what can you do, sometimes you just need to get places quickly and that is exactly what I did. Paul, Christine and Jess can vouch for me, I really scooted. 

I’m going to have to leave it there because, believe it or not, I actually have jobs I need to be getting on with (a professional). See ya next week when I will debrief you on multiple (!!) out of office excursions.