Greetings all, 

It feels like it’s been 157 years since I had to write an update but in fact, it was just the usual week. I guess that gives you an idea of how much we pack into a week here. As promised, I am going to debrief you on our multiple (!!) out of office excursions plus some other moments throughout the week that just need to be mentioned. 

On Tuesday, Peter, Jess, Christine and I made our way out to Woodford County High School for an unheard-of hour in the morning - 8am. We were taking part in Digital Day so had to teach the kids about the digital industry and give them challenges. If we are being totally honest here - do I really have enough experience to teach children about the digital industry? Doubtful. Am I still a child myself? Absolutely. Was I mentally ready to step foot back inside a school yet? Firm no. 


There I was, being a teacher for the day. Christine insisted that it would be good for them to hear about why and how I am trying to break my way into this incredible industry. The day ended up really fun and the kids surprised us all with some brilliant ideas. Plus they gave us wild amounts of yummy food and I’m not gonna lie and say that wasn’t a highlight for me. 

The next excursion came on Thursday when Jess, Paul and I went to Mad Fest down the road. To sum up, it was a whole bunch of talks and lots of free Tenzing energy drinks. Despite the bright lights that nearly blinded us first thing in the morning (even with my new spectacles 🤓) we saw a few really interesting speakers. My takeaways - be brave and take risks in your marketing, always recognise the voice of the customer, and remixing other people’s ideas isn’t stealing, it’s innovation. Look at me learning things. 

Another moment from the week I wanted to let you in on was one of high levels of drama. To set the scene, the marketing team was in the kitchen attempting to start an internal meeting. Paul offers Karen a sip of his hot squash - the hosh. Karen takes said sip out of the hosh and thereafter looks like she’s about to be sick. Karen hated the hosh so much she had to get up and go and spit it out. Quality entertainment and an important life lesson = don’t give Karen any hosh. 

The final thing I need to touch on is that Jess and I have been abandoned. Christine has left for India for a week and a half and Paul has decided to ship himself off to Portugal in the middle of November. Leaving Jess in charge of the baby (me) which she has repeatedly said is a responsibility she didn’t ask for 👶.

Bye for now friends.