Hi there lovely people, 

My second last week has been somewhat of an unusual one because Jess and I have been left on our own. Assuming some people reading this don’t know either of us, I can inform you that this has involved a lot of snacking (without Paul to ration us) and a lot of complaining about not being able to work because we are so full (without Christine to tell us to get on with it). Yes I see the irony but unfortunately this has been our entire week. Without Christine and Paul the marketing desk area had also increased massively in mess - mostly from food wrappers of course. In fact we were so embarrassed by the state of it when Josh came over to ask a question that we had to dedicate 10 minutes to sort our lives out immediately after. 

Although Paul is actually out of office, Christine isn’t, she is just in a different one - in India! This has meant we’ve kept up with calls to make sure we are all surviving without her. It also means we got a debrief on Gaurav’s wedding that Christine, Jonny and Conor went to since they are over there. It sounded like they all had a blast and hearing the chat from the comfort of our chairs over here was delightful. 

Team lunch this week was extra scrummy as it was homemade Indian food made by Deepak’s friends’ mum. The only hump for me was having to vote on the slack channel that I wanted the chicken option rather than the veggie one. I had to vote with a little 🐓 which was accompanied with huge amounts of guilt because it felt like the button press was me killing a little chick. Having said this, I did move past it and ordered my chicken, which ended up being very delicious… 😈. 

I’ve learnt a lot since I started here and I mean a lot. But the information in my brain that has unexpectedly grown is my knowledge of commercial property in the Midlands and, well, just about everywhere. So if anyone wants an insight or is interested in buying or renting a property, hit me up because my capacity of information on the industry is hitting its peak.

A final thing I would like to leave you with is a discovery that I made that’s blown my mind… Coffee is not bad for you. I mean, wow. All my life I’ve been told that I need to try and contain my love for coffee because drinking too much of it is bad for you. Turns out, for the most part, this is a complete lie. I read an article that had the bottom line that coffee probably does more good for you than it does bad. Again, wow. If there is anyone as interested in this as I was, you can find the article here

Anyway, time to go, snack time beckons.