Yoo hoo, big last week blow out. It’s that time… my final ever intern diaries! Before I knock on about amazing my time at Studio Graphene has been, I will debrief you on my last week. 

On Tuesday I was allowed to attend another big girl meeting (!!) when we travelled to Elicyon’s office in West Kensington. This meant getting the tube where we experienced a rare sight - a pigeon on its commute. We saw him hop on with us at Monument and hop off again at Embankment. I can’t express how much we enjoyed this sight. Jess was still laughing to herself 5 minutes later. When we got to Elicyon I was stunned by how beautiful their office was, granted they are a luxury interior design company. It was also really nice to be able to meet Charu, Ritam’s sister, who is the founder of Elicyon. Overall my final big girl meeting was a success and as always, I learnt a lot in a short hour and a half. 

Another highlight this week has been the arrival of some of the India team, Shipra, Kabir and Atul! Having had such a quiet office for my second last week, it’s been really nice to have it filled out again, and with new faces - even better! When they arrived on Wednesday they were greeted by bucketloads of rain which we explained that without this greeting, they wouldn’t have truly been arriving in the UK. Nonetheless, Paul, Kabir, Shipra and I still jumped the puddles all the way to the market for lunch. Soon after Kabir decided he would be coming back every day to get his lunch, 10/10 would recommend to a friend I guess. 

Reaching closer to the end of the week I had the task of writing up a handover for Shreya, who is taking over from me in December. I found myself staring at the page for a while not knowing what on earth I was doing but soon enough (and with some advice of course) I was typing away anything that was going to be at all useful for Shreya. It was quite a satisfying feeling, having all this information inside my brain that I could now teach seven-weeks-ago-Rach if I needed to. Basically, I’m a new and improved version of myself, how exciting! 

On a similar note, I think I would be doing everybody an injustice if I was to leave without commenting on my amazing time here. I admit that at times my blogs have been a bit mad but in all seriousness, these seven weeks have been the most incredible experience and I’ve learnt more than I ever could have imagined. If I ever end up working in an office that is half as friendly, supportive and fun (all whilst being incredibly hard-working) then I would be winning. So I guess just a big thank you to everyone that has contributed to my time here, it’s been wild! Okay, my wet wipe words are over now. 

Off to Oz I go (!!) 

Bye forever, from baby.