Dear Diary,

My first week at Studio Graphene and I am exhausted!

Not in a negative "I do not enjoy my job" - way but in a fabulous "I can actually help make a difference" - way! These past days were nothing like the internships my friends talked about - printing, making coffee, on repeat. Well, in a way I did all of it but the coffee was for myself and the print out is my own pass for a very exciting work event next week.

After meeting the whole team on my first day and getting an intro (everyone is super nice!), I sat down and started working - just like that. Since then it feels like I have already been here for ages and this office, my desk and the team are my natural habitat. I worked on finding the perfect stories and images for clients, promoting posts on social media and a lot more fun stuff.

My favourite part was reading about all the immensely inspiring applications for the #BuildMyApp competition. I am very excited to witness the winners’ idea come to life at the Apps World Event next week (part of #LondonTechWeek and TechXLR8) and thinking about the next two months, this is what I am looking forward to the most – following projects and helping to make dreams reality.

By the way, here are some facts I learned about my new team in the last few days:

  • Studio Graphene is also known as "The Studio that never forgets“ (do not do anything silly, the team will remember and remind you on a daily basis)
  • Everyone loves Pizza
  • Each person here is a genius and passionate about what we do


I’ll keep you posted!