We took on Pall Mall Estates in October 2018, after a previous client recommended us as the best people for the task at hand. The task itself? Returning their rapidly declining conversion rates back to their former glory. 

Pall Mall Estates had worked on re-launching their website throughout 2018 with another agency but, unfortunately, at the point of the website relaunch their conversion rate and subsequent enquiry numbers fell by 50%. 

So, we took them on, initially in an ‘acting CMO’ role, and attempted to work with their incumbent agency on reinstating the previously healthy conversion and enquiry rate. After around 6 months of this model, it became clear that the incumbent agency wasn’t in a position to work towards this goal, and Pall Mall Estates moved their entire design, development and marketing work to Studio Graphene. 

In 4 months of working directly with Pall Mall, we were happy to report some good news, and both conversion rate and enquiry numbers are back at pre-launch levels. We achieved this with a multi-pronged attack:

  • Working on re-building their organic search ranking

  • Rectifying number of technical SEO issues with the site

  • More granular control of their Paid activity

  • Increasing efforts into third-party listing sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove

  • A rolling project working on sitewide CRO - focussing initially on the core enquiry journey pages, whilst also looking at reviewing editorial pages on the site that received significant traffic. 


So - what next? Well, we are currently in the midst of a workshop where we’re looking at Pall Mall Estates with fresh eyes, working out what more we can do now we have fixed the existing problems, and taking their enquiry numbers to new heights!

Speaking of - if anyone reading this is looking for warehouse space in the East Midlands, or perhaps a workshop up north - we know just the people...