As a growing company, there has been lots to get used to. New faces, new names, new lunch preferences and - new disagreements. Whilst we tend to agree on most things - as a team of almost 60, there are, naturally, some debates.

These disagreements vary in importance - from the somewhat arbitrary about what kind of pen is nicest to write with, or what we want for team lunch (burgers usually win, in case you're wondering) but recently, we have encountered some debates about the important stuff, such as what kind of projects we should be working on.

Whilst we adhere to a set of unspoken rules regarding what kind of projects we will work on in general (we want to do work that does good, and feels good), there are some topics that are a little more ambiguous. Everyone has different belief systems that impact their lifestyle choices -  a lot of our team follow a strict vegetarian lifestyle, some object to alcohol, others still have reservations about the positive impact of ‘Big’ industry to name a few - and we absolutely don't want these to be compromised because of the kind of projects we are taking on.

As the team has grown, and as we've taken on more varied projects, we've had more discussions around this. This has led to the following solution: employees can now decide to personally veto themselves off of working on projects they don’t feel comfortable working on, without having to give an in-depth explanation of why.

After all, companies have a responsibility to act for the good of not only the company as a whole but also the employees as individuals. By keeping our employees happy, we’ll create better work, which keeps our clients happy too!  

If you’re interested about how we approach running a studio, or want to discuss a project you’re working on, always feel free to drop us a line on