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alchemy wings, alchemy wings, alchemy wings,

alchemy wings, alchemy wings, alchemy wings,

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Alchemy Wings is an on-demand delivery service platform and marketplace that allows users to order specific branded goods from local convenience stores and have them delivered directly to their doorstep.

Now released in beta

They selected Studio Graphene as their design and development partner to build a bespoke digital platform offering a range of functionality to drive and increase sales of stock held by local vendors.

Additionally, their aim was to provide the best prices possible for their user base whilst utilising the platform to gain valuable insights into their customers including location, types of products purchased and other trends around purchasing habits.

alchemy wings


We kicked off the project exploring the needs of all the different users including Alchemy Wings, delivery partners, vendors and customers. It was clear we needed to build a product with complex business logic but with simple UI/ UX to enable all users to achieve their different goals.

With this foundation, we began exploring the complex challenge around logistics by building a reverse auction feature accessed via an Alchemy Wings API for order fulfilment. This allowed delivery companies like Gophr and Stuart to connect, automatically get notified and bid for all delivery jobs via the platform.

alchemy wings
alchemy wings

We also leveraged existing tech to make the service run smoothly.

Google Maps was used for mapping distances and journey times; Force24 was used to automate emails and marketing services; MangoPay was used as the payment vendor and SLI Search was used for the advanced search functionality.

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To make sure that customers were always getting the best deals and prices available through the app, we created an algorithm optimised to provide the best prices of goods and delivery costs. We had to work out how to balance the cost of products and the cost of delivery. e.g. if a shop is more expensive but closer, does it work out cheaper overall.

Finally, we developed an intuitive onboarding experience for all vendors accessing the platform for the first time with Companies House and Brandbank integrations making the process super simple and efficient.

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We designed and developed a customer facing mobile app and mobile responsive web presence with a simple and easy to navigate UI to make ordering simple. The platform also provided access via an admin portal providing detailed sales data for Alchemy Wings. Additional functionality included a vendor friendly frontend plus delivery validation system for individual delivery drivers.