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Frendo provides peer-to-peer connection, screening and a support network for a community of endometriosis sufferers, in the palm of users’ hands via an app.

The app offers endometriosis patients, and those with suspected symptoms, access to credible resources, helping users to manage their symptoms, find alternative treatment options and seek advice on how to talk to loved ones about endometriosis, as well as improve their general wellbeing while living with a chronic illness.

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Mintago app screen
Mintago app screen

From a user experience perspective our aim was to define the core functionality of the app, as well as creating an engaging user flow.

Frendo approached Studio Graphene looking for help to take an idea for an app from paper onto app stores and into users’ hands.

Now released in beta
Mintago onboarding app screen


We focused on two key areas - firstly looking at how users could track various aspects of their lives related to endometriosis and secondly, how to create an app experience designed to support a growing community of users.

Mintago web screen
Mintago screen

As part of the user onboarding process we worked on designing an engaging, dynamic and interactive FDA approved questionnaire to screen users and help them take the first step in diagnosing the disease. It was important the process was not overwhelming so we chose to create a simple single question for each screen making sure they were understood with easily selected answers to choose from.

Additionally we worked on creating a brand and visual identity designed to be integrated throughout all digital touch points. For the logo we took a classic font and added a modern twist to it, creating something that had almost an editorial feel to it designed to resonate with a diverse range of ages.

At the heart of the branding concept we experimented with a range of graphic illustrations based on nature to create an earthy feel designed to ground the users and enable them to focus on themselves and how they are feeling.

mintago app screen

Pulling it all together with subtle heart shapes, a combination of colours - the logo and illustration created a simple and strong brand designed to stand out for both digital and print uses.

Mintago app screen
Mintago app screen


Studio Graphene created a holistic and simple brand and visual identity designed to be used across all digital platforms as well as print.

We incorporated all the branding elements into all the high fidelity screens designed for the mobile application, creating an inclusive, supportive and community orientated user experience.

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