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IoT food safety and compliance system

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Hawk is a pioneer in food safety software and hardware with a mission to make food safety monitoring as smart, efficient and cost effective as possible for anyone in the food transport and preparation industries.

Their goal was to revolutionise the HACCP compliance process, traditionally paper based and manual, and transform it into one centralised, smart, connected digital platform.

Hawk app screen
Hawk app screen
Hawk featured image

The project was framed within an ambitious timeline so we worked fast to gain a deep understanding of a complex product and sector. We started by analysing the product in its current state and agreed on a goal system architecture and execution strategy.

Hawk appointed Studio Graphene as their digital product partner to help update their systems with a new unified and connected user experience across their entire digital ecosystem including both hardware and software.

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hawk website screen


We decided to start from the ground up and carried out an audit on all existing systems and how they were used. We conducted in-depth UX research working closely with Hawk team members and users which highlighted clear opportunities for improvement.

Key functionality and features we had to design and build for included ambient temperature monitoring in real time within fridges and freezers using sensors connected via a gateway to monitor and alert users of any issues. Also the ability to use bluetooth temperature probes to check the temperature of food being cooked to regulation temperatures including cook to cool compliance.

hawk website screenhawk app screen

Additionally Hawk users required access to comprehensive checklists, compliance workflows and a host of task management features.

Microservices architecture allowed the teams to work on the product simultaneously, for a more efficient way of working, and, ultimately, a more robust build. We also offered DevOps and infrastructure suggestions, like using Elasticsearch and implementing a new GIT branching model.

Finally, we took everything we learned and built Canopy’s new website with WebFlow. This solution was chosen because it is low-code, low-maintenance, and reduces costs down the line. The website was carefully crafted following the branding agency’s work, implementing all the new elements and the tone of voice of Canopy, to make the brand cohesive across all platforms.

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With a range of hardware and multiple usage scenarios we designed a thorough and comprehensive onboarding flow to facilitate easy setup. From an engineering perspective we created and developed a unified iOS, Android and Web app that would work across all devices. On top of that we built a complex system under the Android Kernel to integrate with their constantly evolving hardware.

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We helped upgrade Hawks systems and hardware product offering to take advantage of affordable Android tablets to mobilise their workforce with an intuitive and consistent user experience across their entire platform. Following our engagement Hawk won a gold Food Talk Award in the Smart Kitchen Tech category.


Studio Graphene’s developments have shaved hundreds of hours of operational work per month. Notably large organizations use this product. Their friendly, flexible and open work attitude has created an effective, efficient and enjoyable workflow.

Head of product Hawk
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