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Web Portal


Mindflick is on a mission to make world-class performance coaching available to everyone, so people and teams can be the best versions of themselves.

They blend performance psychology, cutting-edge science and scalable technology to fine-tune mindsets in individuals and teams. Starting with the individual they build a unique behavioural profile for each person and then set up a personalised schedule of smartphone nudges, to help keep them on track.

Traditionally paper based, Mindlfick had been experimenting with a web based version of the questionnaire. Once the individual completes the web based form, they would gain access to their Spotlight profile via the Mindflick MVP mobile application (iOS and Android) for ongoing coaching.

Mindflick initially approached Studio Graphene for design consultancy services and help creating a new web portal including new features and functionality integration, and overall enhancement of user experience.


One of the key foundations of Mindflick’s approach is Spotlight - a personality tool where people answer a series of questions which in turn becomes the basis of a bullet point breakdown of the individual’s behavioural mindset.

Our focus was on how best to iterate on the MVP making it fully functional as well as defining the overall digital product strategy based on Mindflick’s product vision and goals. We worked closely with the Mindflick team brainstorming useful features and functionality - quickly getting clarity on what the product roadmap could look like.

We conducted in depth user research with Mindflick’s key clients including Coutts and the Royal Bank of Scotland analysing all the data captured before developing a plan including immediate and future feature sets. Having validated the requirements we then began user story mapping, defining how these new features would work within the web portal.

We had to work quickly with Mindflick to meet their development timelines and produced user flows, wireframes and high fidelity and a style guide based on a recent rebrand.

Our next task was to focus on the design of the MVP app and how to integrate elements of the new web portal features into it. To be as efficient as possible we used what had already been mapped out so we could deliver style guides and wireframes within a 5 week period. We collaborated closely with Mindflick’s dev team continuing to support them reactively when and where required.


Digital product strategy
Product roadmap
In-depth user research
Project plan for web portal and mobile application

The portal is still in development / as well as the app. Supporting them on design work during development when required.