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Looking to build on your existing digital marketing capabilities but aren't sure where to start? Allow us to take a look. 
While the word 'audit' never conjures a particularly comforting picture, trust us, they're not all bad. Simply put, a digital audit is an examination of all your existing digital marketing aspects and seeing how we can improve them. 
We'll start by taking a long look at your entire internet presence - your website, blogs, social media presence, SEO strategy - you name it, we'll examine it. Next, we'll do some competitor analysis, and look for anywhere that you're currently missing out. Finally, we put together steps to optimise your digital marketing - starting with cheap, easy wins, all the way to pipedream goals for the future. 

Let us have a nosey...

Congratulations! You've built your product. Now what?
For a new product, one thing is always true: a great idea alone is not enough to succeed - that's where launch marketing comes in. 
We specialise in launch marketing for new products approaching the market. From social set-up and content creation, to paid ads and app store optimization - we've got you covered. 

Shout it from the rooftops...

So you've got a website but aren't sure it's doing everything it should? Opened Social accounts but aren't getting the followers you expected? Got a list of email addresses but not sure what to do with them? Not enough hours in the day?
We've worked with all types of start-ups, from portrait artists to blockchain backed technology companies, on getting their businesses working harder online and, ultimately, increasing their bottom line. We'd take a look at your current set up, build a holistic plan, and work through piece by piece, improving as we go. 
No fear about hefty project bills either, we can work with you to figure out a plan and pricing structure that works for you. We love startups, and we love working with founders, so we're interested in finding a solution that suits you. 

Nailed the basics but want to push ahead?

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