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Ensuring every child is equipped with the literacy skills necessary to progress in the 21st century.

golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn,

golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn, golearn,

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GoLearn is a unique online teaching and learning solution developed by teachers and technology experts to address the key challenges facing the world of education.

Designed for desktop and tablet.

Their skills-based approach to English literacy and language is driving a step-change in education through the power of ‘AI + Pedagogy’, providing schools with an all-in-one solution to support personalised and student-centred teaching and learning for improved outcomes and greater wellbeing.

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Studio Graphene was approached by GoLearn to help design and build its educational platform. They required a data driven centralised solution accessible via desktop and tablet that would provide teachers with the ability to manage classes, test students and visualise student activity providing detailed performance data and statistics in an accessible format.

We kicked off the project with research learning all about GoLearn, speaking to the team’s experts, as well as understanding all the different user groups.

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A key requirement was taking into account that many users would not be technology literate, so simplicity in user experience was essential.

We had to design a platform that not only had a huge range of functionality, features and content - but one that also had to appeal to a variety of users from teachers as well as students of all ages from very young children all the way to mature students.

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Studio graphene case study Go learn web screen

We created a scalable design system and worked on developing clear and simple call to actions throughout, easy navigation of content and a range of age appropriate font sizes for further clarity. We also experimented with a number of colours for each pupil age range, overlapping certain colours at each stage to keep the whole experience progressive, connected and delineated when and where required. Additionally we implemented additional accessibility features, to give users control over font sizes, screen magnification and colour contrasts.

From a development perspective we implemented a service oriented architecture approach across the web platform and tablet application. We used React.js on the web frontend which helped us create a single-page application designed to enhance ease of use for both teachers and students. Additionally React Native meant we could effectively create both Android and iOS mobile applications simultaneously. Our engineers also made sure the application was scalable and that it could handle high volumes of traffic using the load testing tool – Artillery.

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We successfully designed and built a robust and scalable e-learning platform empowering teachers and students alike. What would usually take teachers 1 or 2 school terms when assessing a student’s performance can now be achieved in under 1 hour with even more detailed information about each student generated via the platform.