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Huckletree is a co-working community with locations across Europe. It is best known for creating spaces and communities that allow curious minds to come together, scale and lead industry change.

They selected Studio Graphene to design a new website to offer a practical user experience for its members, as well as achieve differentiation and standout from its competition. Huckletree’s USP is its focus on community, so we needed to translate and capture this within the website.


We also needed to create a website designed to last - geared towards Huckletree’s future growth plans and big ambitions.

Studio Graphene redesigned Huckletree’s website to stand out from the competition and attract more members.



With Huckletree’s members at the forefront of our minds, Studio Graphene kicked off the project by conducting extensive User Research. We interviewed existing members to gauge and understand why they chose Huckletree, as well as asked questions for feedback on what aspects of the current site they did or didn’t like.

For existing members, community was key so we created a space to display members and their companies. We focused on telling the story of the community and the people in it, rather than on the physical spaces themselves.


To attract new members, we translated Huckletree’s renegade, curious personality to the website.


We used non-conventional layouts, transitions and animations, tied in with bold, graphic design influenced by the interiors of Huckletree spaces in London - marrying the online and physical spaces whilst creating a seamless UX experience. The founder’s handwriting was used as accent text for a community-centric touch.

Huckletree had its own engineering team, so we worked closely with them to bring our ideas to life using ReactJS. We continued to iterate after going live, working with the Huckletree team and actioning user feedback to improve processes and functionality across the site.


We created a branded and playful website for Huckletree that focused not only on the community, but championed the individual members and their companies - all with a seamless and intuitive user experience.

I was impressed with how thorough they were in researching our company’s needs, and the way they structured and coordinated our project with many stakeholders involved.

Martina Molinari Marketing Lead
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