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mintago, mintago, mintago, mintago, mintago, mintago,

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Mintago is a responsible end-to-end financial wellbeing tech platform for employers designed to empower and help employees increase their savings and financial resilience so they can live a life free from financial stress.

Mintago App Store button
Mintago app screen
Mintago app screen

They appointed Studio Graphene as digital product partner to provide strategy around all open banking and tech requirements, as well as to redesign and rebuild its platform for iOS and web.

As a new startup with massive ambition and focus, Mintago was gaining momentum and traction within the marketplace. Its goal was to create a product that added tangible value to employee welfare whilst demonstrating that value and ROI to employers too.

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Mintago onboarding app screen


The overall goal was to provide a high level view of employee income and spending with detailed categorisation plus the ability for employees to set and rank financial goals with in depth analysis to help them achieve them.

With multiple users including employer, employees, marketplace partners and Mintago to design for, Studio Graphene began with UX research to get clear on the users’ needs.

Mintago web screen
Mintago screen

We then explored a range of iconography and associated imagery, as well as subtle, seamless and functional UX design with the sole focus of informing and educating users. This was particularly important during user onboarding, first time Open Banking adoption via Plaid and seeking user consent.

Financial goal setting and the ability to rank them was a key feature within the app. We utilised graphs within our UI designs to demonstrate the level of financial planning and timeline required to achieve them. From saving for a holiday within a couple of years or retiring at a certain age by building a pension pot, we adapted and scaled the graphs to allow users to scroll through every key lifecycle moment and plan for the future confidently by understanding their spending habits.

From an engineering perspective we were responsible for building the end to end solution across iOS, Android app & web dashboards for both employer and employees.

mintago app screen

We built the mobile application in React Native designed for iOS and Android users and a supporting web portal for employers and employees built on REACTJS. Open banking was connected via Plaid across mobile apps. The entire backend logic was built on microservices architecture with Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) build pipelines to ensure hassle free, efficient and quick code compilation and deployment on its highly scalable and available AWS cloud environment.

Mintago app screen
Mintago app screen


We created a mobile app and web portal designed to differentiate Mintago from its competitors, creating a consistent and premium user experience across the platform.

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