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twistar, twistar, twistar, twistar, twistar, twistar,

twistar, twistar, twistar, twistar, twistar, twistar,

Project management


Twistar is an innovative IoT customer feedback device helping hospitality and restaurant businesses engage with their customers rapidly and effectively, allowing a greater understanding of a customer’s sentiment and perception in real time.

The device has a tactile simple rotate and push dial and a circular screen which is angled towards the user offering an intuitive and accessible user experience designed to create an “open table’ environment.

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This was the first time we had built an application that sat on a circular screen in terms of operating system and how it interacted with users.

With only two user interactions - rotate and push with no touch screen - we had to design a user experience and interface that provided all the desired features and functionality including the ability to rate food, waiting staff and the environment, as well as other numerous options such as simply being able to connect the device to Wi-Fi.


Twistar approached Studio Graphene, requiring help to transform its idea into reality and we assisted across the entire digital ecosystem including both hardware and software from product management to UI/ UX design and engineering.

Using animations we created a simple onboarding tutorial for all usage scenarios and a clean interface to offer users a tactile, polished and luxurious experience with haptic and visual feedback when the user interacted with the device.

We built Twistar on an open Android OS making it stable, secure and flexible. Our aim was that all devices were supported and controlled via our Twistar Admin Console (a Node.js web application hosted on AWS) - a comprehensive portal for the restaurant management to manage and view the data and analytics.

The Twistar device houses dual-microphones allowing localised beam forming and noise cancelling, providing a clean and crisp audio stream in even noisy environments. For this we engineered a voice component to capture user feedback and automatically analyse the customers’ sentiment via their tone of voice. To protect their identity the voice AI engine we built analysed the recording locally on the device.



We successfully helped turn Twistar’s concept into an actual product, offering users a dynamic and unique user experience to provide quality and service feedback in real time.

With robust and connected devices and software designed to capture and analyse data, Twistar was successfully rolled out as part of Marriott’s TestBed Incubator Programme winning several product and innovations awards in the process.