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OrderPay allows users to find their nearest bar or restaurant, browse the entire menu, order and pay for their food and drinks directly from their table using their mobile phone.

They approached Studio Graphene requiring a seamless customer experience across multiple point of sales systems, technologies, venues and locations.

Additionally OrderPay and its launch partners needed an expedited delivery to meet timelines for a UK launch - brought forward by the outbreak of COVID-19. It is available to download on iOS and Android.

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orderpay app screen
Orderpay App screen
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With this framework in place - we designed and built native iOS and Android mobile applications with a significant range of functionality offering table service, order & collect, self serve and pay at table.

From a partner perspective and without table locations or layout references in place, we designed CMS wireframes to allow restaurant partners to configure their own table layout specifications.


As this wasn’t just a platform for the end customer but also OrderPay’s partners - Studio Graphene focused on designing and mapping out a solution for multiple different scenarios and users.
Orderpay website screen
Orderpay website screen

By creating a visual capability accessed via the CMS, partners could configure their own bespoke table plans and subsequent beacon placements. Additionally the CMS wireframes we designed allowed each partner to create their own bespoke brand experience at every customer facing touchpoint whilst also showcasing all order management data.

The most difficult overarching challenge was the speed at which we had to deliver a scalable solution. We achieved this by collaborating as one team with OrderPay and leveraging our team’s delivery capability depth across design, engineering, product management and the analyst teams.

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Studio Graphene helped create a platform designed to streamline the customer experience, providing an alternative to traditional payment methods and one that empowers all partners to create a branded experience across a range of digital customer touchpoints.

orderpay web screenorderpay app screenorderpay
Orderpay logo
On 4th July OrderPay launched the iOS and Android app working in partnership with Stone Gate pubs and its 1200 national venues. To date OrderPay is trusted by over 200 venues in the UK including Cote, Slug & Lettuce and Giggling Squid.