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our process

02. build and

In this phase we develop, build and launch the first version of our clients' digital product, platform or service.

A dedicated Studio Graphene Product Manager will bring together our designers, engineers, QAs and client teams as one connected product team.

Following an Agile methodology, we work collaboratively in sprints and conduct daily standups to ensure everyone is aligned and has complete transparency in relation to the product development progress.

our team

We kick off this phase with a shared ‘definition of done’, a structured list of criteria to be completed for a feature to be considered “done”, and set up a development and test environment based on the agreed technology stack.

Finishing each development sprint by testing what’s been built, we follow a set of documented test cases based on the agreed functional and technical requirements.

When ready, we share a test build of the product for the client to test and provide feedback on. At the same time we also create a production environment, ensuring the go-live checklist is up to date ahead of launch.

our process

After addressing all feedback and having completed user acceptance testing, we launch the product for beta users.