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03. iterate and scale
During this next phase we evolve, iterate and scale the live product following real user feedback and insights captured using a number of analytics and event tracking tools.

Based on the product backlog and user feedback, we are in a position to prioritise the most important features and functionality required to scale the product based on the utility and value the incremental functionality delivers to users.

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Continuous improvement and product stability are important elements of this phase and our goal is to enhance and improve the product through a series of iterations. We continue to work in sprints, so new features, functionality and optimised design can be quickly rolled out on a regular basis.

Following the same quality assurance and user acceptance testing practices at the end of each sprint, we make sure the product goes through rigorous testing before being deployed to a live production environment.

our process

If appropriate and relevant, we also begin to look at opportunities for making the sprint process more efficient, adopting automated testing for example.