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01. discovery,
design &
Our first phase takes our clients’ ideas and vision for a digital product or service and translates them into the requirements, designs and a plan to make them a reality.

We work collaboratively with our clients to define their vision and purpose, the goals of their business, product or service, the needs of their end users and their overall digital strategy.

We then brainstorm the product requirements, features and functionality and validate them through research where appropriate.

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Our product designers document these requirements by leveraging user story mapping, before producing interaction designs, user flows, UI designs and other visual design elements including clickable prototypes, branding and style guides.

Working in conjunction with our solutions architects we recommend the most appropriate technical architecture, tools and integrations - which in turn gives us an early indication of timelines and costs.

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We document and capture this information using our own custom specification platform called Define to produce a product roadmap and a Work Breakdown Structure - giving us everything required to begin coding and building the product including detailed timelines, team composition and associated costs.