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UI / UX Project Management
Web Platform


Harth rents designer furniture out to homes and offices that want a beautifully curated space without the commitment.

Now released in beta

Harth approached Studio Graphene requiring a new web platform that would not only reflect its appreciation for great design, but transform its end to end workflow from an offline to an online digital experience for all users.


Our discovery phase explored in detail how we could address and balance the needs of all of the different platform users, including owners, renters and those responsible for all the logistics between the two. As online furniture lending was a relatively new concept, we were designing a solution from the ground up.

Our focus was to build a platform that allowed users to explore available furniture, curate a wishlist and fill their space with high end pieces at affordable prices. The core product offering allows furniture owners to earn money from unused pieces, by renting them out through Harth - who also take care of all the logistics.

Harth solution

We were responsible for the UX/UI Design and Engineering for this project.

We designed an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing front end, and built a robust backend capability and admin portal that meant Harth could manage the platform going forward with minimal ongoing development.

hearth solution

Working in sprints, we developed a backend that would allow the customer support admin to approve lender’s requests and connect them to potential interested buyers.

Studio Graphene worked collaboratively with the Harth team to develop the UI design. We let the interior pieces take centre stage with a pared back design and a clear customer journey guiding users across the platform. As renting furniture is not an every day online activity, our aim was to guide users through the platform rather than overwhelm them.

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Harth’s platform brought their business online, making the whole end to end process digital. We transformed how their business runs, making it more efficient, enabling them to scale and grow in the future. Users can now view the entire collection online, choose pieces to order and get them delivered to their house in just a few clicks.