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At Studio Graphene we have experience delivering Cloud and DevOps projects for a range of global clients in multiple industries.

From Cloud strategy, to modernisation, DevOps and cost optimisation - our Cloud services are designed to support our clients throughout each stage of their Cloud journey.

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Our team consists of AWS certified and accredited individuals.

How we help our clients with Cloud Strategy and Consulting?

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What can be achieved through DevOps Automation?

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Case studies

“Studio Graphene stands alone as a supportive, responsive, and invaluable partner if you’re looking to deliver a high calibre, intuitive, and beautiful digital product. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Sam Martini @Diageo

“I was impressed with how thorough they were in researching our company’s needs, and the way they structured and coordinated our project with many stakeholders involved.”

Martina Molinari @Huckletree

“The Studio Graphene team have been great to work with, friendly, fun and most importantly  — excellent on execution.”

Nsha Dewan @Nesta

"I have been so impressed with Studio Graphene."

Charlotte Spokes @Hello Solo

“It’s reassuring that we have someone there who is always going to be looking out for our interests.”

John Fafalios @WhatWeWant
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How we help our clients with Cloud Strategy and Consulting?

Data security evaluation

Data security and privacy is paramount. A data security evaluation ensures that any content in transit or rest is appropriately secure and encrypted.

Capacity planning & sizing

Capacity planning and sizing is important so resource requirements can be optimised as well as auto scaling for peak load times.

Existing Cloud Infrastructure audit

Regulative examination to assess and document compliance of a set of established controls and best practices.

Regulative & compliance readiness

With multiple regulatory and compliance requirements across each industry, it's essential for organisations to manage compliance requirements proactively.

Identify Cloud platform & DevOps tools

With so many Cloud service providers and DevOps tools available, it's essential to utilise those that align with your product, technical and budgetary requirements.

What can be achieved
through DevOps

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What can be achieved through DevOps Automation?

One-click deployments and rollback

One click deployment through DevOps automation helps save time when a new version of the codebase has to be deployed to the production environment. At the same time, one-click rollback allows us to revert back to a previous state if required.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration helps product developers regularly merge their code changes into a central repository, after which automated builds and tests are run.

Performance Optimisation

Real-time performance optimisation is crucial for the success of any application helping facilitate an appropriate balance between cost, speed and resources.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of any major incidents, appropriate DevOps processes and automation in place means organisations can massively reduce the time required to restore applications and services.

Infrastructure Security

DevOps automation allows organisations to secure their cloud infrastructure. It helps with security at each and every step of the infrastructure development lifecycle, from infrastructure as code in a developer’s IDE to running cloud resources.

Configure Automated Alerts

Automated alerts ensure timely intervention, limiting the scope of any potential irreversible damage that could be caused. DevOps facilitates alert automation to efficiently notify accountable stakeholders, collaborate around issues and quickly rectify incidents.

Centralised Log Management

With advancements in the overarching technical ecosystem, there are a number of components in place, each producing independent logs. Through centralised log management, organisations can amalgamate various log data into one central data highway for processing based on business requirements.

How we help our clients
with Cloud Strategy and

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